Sprachreise der Schüler der Regionalen Schule Marie Curie Stralsund


Dear Sir or Madam,

It’s a pity I haven’t remembered any of the staff’s names- except of Becky who met us on the first day- and on your homepage I couldn’t find any list of names similar to the photos next to your office at school, so I have to start my message in this „anonymous“ way…

I am writing to say thank you for a great school trip that we had with Panke Sprachreisen and Cavendish School last week! Everything was really well organised, all members of the staff were friendly and helpful and some little problems were solved immediately. So we could enjoy 6 days full of impressions and learning (although we hadn’t booked any English lessons). And, of course, the wonderful weather made us feel as if it was a holiday trip. All our pupils liked the journey and would like to take part again. And there was nearly no work left for my colleagues and me so we had less stress than on many other class trips before.
We liked the Cavendish Liner with all the drivers who took us around to our excursions or in Bournemouth, especially we’d like to say thank you to Sid and Liam for the long tour from and to Germany and to Sid and Colin for the day trips to Portland, London and Poole. And we liked our guides Tony, Karon and Patrick- they tried to make things interesting and to speak clearly enough even for our weaker pupils. Last but not least you chose nice host families for us and our kids (and the only problem was not caused by people but by „things“). So it was really a great trip and we hope we can repeat it at least every second year.
We definitely would recommend travelling with Panke and Cavendish to other German English teachers!

Yours sincerely,
Helgard Wagner


von Richard Wagner

"...unser Moritz war beim diesjährigen Ostersprachkurs dabei. Es hat ihm sehr, sehr gut gefallen und er war ganz begeistert..."

von Annette Demmer

"...Die Schule und der Unterricht haben Myrna auch sehr gut gefallen. Gestern, am Vorabend des hiesigen Schulbeginns, schwärmte sie wieder von den 'Witheboards'..."

von Frau Pinn

"...Sandina konnte gar nicht aufhören, englisch zu reden (und sie hat das erste Mal sogar in Englisch geträumt :-)) Die Gastfamilie war supernett und symphatisch..."



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